Ali Craig


Creating engaging content that speaks to the heart and creates positive action is as much of an art as it is a science. Here at EmpiHER®, we are pretty darn talented (if we do say so ourselves) in creating original content for your brand no matter what platform or method of execution you are wanting to be on. As long as your target audience is the EmpiHER® woman - aka successful, striving, still searching, and seemingly never giving up - then we have the means and know how on how to connect with her head, heart, and everything in between. 

Tell us a bit about your brand, business, and the bottom line results you are looking for below and let's see what type of 100% original edutainment content we can create for your brand. 



Social proof is the life blood of any brand in today's modern marketplace. Yet, many of us don't have the connections, community, or cash available to pay known influencers to like our post or to do an IG story about our wears. (And seriously for that type of money how much social proof and bottom line traction are you going to gain with a one off post ???)

 Here at EmpiHER® we love to partner with like minded brands who are looking to help the EmpiHER® sisters out. If you have a product or service that our readers would love, then we want to shout it from the roof tops and stand on the tables sharing it with all that we reach. So let us know about you and your awesomeness below. And let's see where the "Social Proof Partnering Spirits" may take us. 




Live is the way you want to be if you want to maximize your audience's experience while building major influence in their inner circle. The ultimate method of engagement,  a live events success or failure is dictated by the energy and intention of all that involved. No matter if we are talking about a digital event or a 3 day in person bonanza - live events need lots of positive mojo on all fronts to make them a massive success. 

If you are hosting an event (digital or in person) that having the EmpiHER® energy would do you good or if you are wanting to be part of our lively live experiences - we would love to set up time to see what we can co-create together on the most powerful platform of all - real human interaction.