Thanks for your interest in contributing to the magazine for entrepreneurs building their empires! Most of the stories and images in EmpiHER® are the products of our master experts, but we are always interested in new ideas and perspectives  If you would like to submit to EmpiHER®, please read the guidelines.






• EmpiHER® accepts very few unsolicited queries and manuscripts each year. Most of our articles are written in-house or written on assignment by our master experts and regular contributors.

• Everything we publish in EmpiHER® is directly related to the life of an entrepreneur —  business, brand, marketing, staff, mindset, social media, money, speaking, personal style, lifestyle and more. We are unlikely to respond to submissions that do not have a clear and strong connection to business. Unless you have a previous relationship with an editor, please do not call our offices to pitch a story by phone.

• Pitches should be accompanied by two or three clips, to give us an idea of your writing style.

• We try to respond to all unsolicited submissions within two months. Please feel free to nudge us with an email if you haven’t received a response in that time. 

• We are not seeking any unsolicited poetry or fiction at this time.

• We do not financially compensate for submissions.

• Submit all articles as a shared Google Docs.

• You will receive an autoresponder email to confirm we received your submittal.

•We will contact you directly if we decide to use your piece.  



• Please keep in mind that EmpiHER® runs a three-month lead time, and we often have stories assigned much farther out. A pitch with a strong tie to November, for example, should be received no later than July, and much earlier for features.

• Particularly in our feature articles, we place a lot of importance on accompanying visuals. Your pitch should mention what kind of images you envision accompanying your story.

• It is essential to study back issues before submitting. Submissions that show little familiarity with the magazine have a low chance of success.

• The more recently we’ve covered a topic, the less likely we are to revisit it any time soon.

• Submissions should be targeted to a specific section of the magazine. If you can’t tell us where in our pages you feel your idea would fit, it’s likely not a story for us.

• The key questions your pitch or manuscript needs to answer are why is this interesting? and why is this interesting right now? Give us a hook, timely or otherwise.

• Attention to detail helps us thin the herd of submissions. The name of our magazine is EmpiHER®. (It’s not, for example, Empire or EmpirHER®.) Getting the name of the mag wrong in a pitch does not inspire confidence in a writer’s ability to execute an assignment.